10 Home Buddies Budol Finds! #BudolisReal

10 Home Buddies Budol Finds! #BudolisReal

Have you heard about “Home Buddies”? Are you a member of this fast-growing Facebook group? If you are an adult and you aren’t, you’re missing out! If you already are, I have great finds to share with you!

Home Buddies is a Facebook group created by Frances Lim Cabatuando to gather people to pitch in ideas for home improvement tips and tricks. It was formed in September 2020 and kept on growing since then. Today, it has over two million members! I, myself, is a member.

When people find great items on online shopping platforms like Lazada or Shoppee, Home Buddies members share it to the group so others can avail of it also. When other members are pursuaded to buy for themselves, they call it “budol”. Budol is a word used to name a syndicate group in the Philippines. They are called the “Budol-budol” gang for hypnotizing and persuading their victims to give up their valuables. In this article, I am going to compile them all for you! Here we go!
1. Eufy Robovac – Buy here

Smart Vacuum Cleaners are currently on trend. The Eufy Robovac is an electric vacuum cleaner that automatically sweeps and cleans your floor. According to the reviews, it has a more accurate sensor that prevents it from being stuck in a corner. Aside from its sleek design, it can also transfer from one surface to another. It was also designed to return back to its charging base automatically when needed! Talk about smart!
2. Wet and Dry Vacuum – Buy Here
Getting a wet and dry vacuum is also in demand among Home Buddies members today. A wet and dry vacuum enables you to routinely deep clean your sofa seats, carpets, car seats, and other hard to clean surfaces.
3. Unbreakable Drinking Glass – Buy Here
Having clear drinking glass for your home makes it feel more luxurious indeed. But the disadvantage is that glass breaks. A good alternative would be  getting an “unbreakable” glass, which gives you that luxxe feel. It is break-proof because it’s made of plastic!
4. Wooden Wallpaper – Buy Here
One of the most notorious item in Home Buddies – the wooden wallpaper! Members use wooden wallpapers to wrap every unappealing and unattractive surfaces in the house, and no, it’s not limited to walls. They use it on appliances too!
5. Wooden PVC Tiles – Buy Here
Generally, Home Buddies embrace the theme of white and wood aesthetic. Anything with wood prints are welcome to decorate your home, like this PVC Wooden Tile here, for example. It is easy to install and fairly cheap. For budget makeovers, changing the floor’s look already makes a great impact on the overall look and feel of the house.
6. Foldable Adult Bathtub – Buy Here
Another item that Home Buddies members are raving about is this foldable bathtub. Now you no longer need to buy an actual expensive ceramic bathtub to get a dip in your own bathroom. You can order this portable and foldable bathtub made of durable plastic and rubber material to start experiencing a luxe bath!
7. Spice Jars – Buy Here 
Organization is key to a minimalist and sleek looking home! That is why spice jars that come in sets are a crowd favorite among Home Buddies members. Aside from they’re just lovely to look at, it also elevates the whole look of the kitchen. Who knows? Maybe even encourages more home cooking!
8. Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Buy Here
Home Buddies members are starting to throw out their broomsticks and are all shifting to a vacuum cleaner! The most popular brand among the meber is this Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It’s suction is so powerful that one member even managed to vacuum a house gecko inside!
9. Wooden Electric Fan – Buy Here

Since the wood and white theme is highly regarded in the Home Buddies group, getting an electric fan that matched the space is also a must! Take here for example, the ASAHI Wooden Stand Fan that won’t stand out as a basic eyesore appliance in your space.

10. Sleek Air Humidifier – Buy Here

What is a home without a humidifier, right? And what is a humidifier, if it doesn’t look sleek? The LASCO Smart Air Purifier is the perfect device to purify the air while seamlessly blending into the home’s surroundings without looking like a big fat clutter! This humidifier has an 8-stage purification process that removes 99.9% of airborne pollutants! It can be programmed through your phone with Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not available, then you can use the remote that it comes with. How perfectly convenient, right?

Home Buddies is indeed a great group to share the best finds for the homes of its members. It’s an avenue for barter of information that everyone can benefit from. The list above is the top ten most talked about items in the group. If you still aren’t a member, you should! You can join here: Home Buddies Facebook Group. Join and be inspired with the shared posts of other members! Good luck and have fun!

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