How To Be A Filipino VA – Straight To The Point Tutorial

How To Be A Filipino VA – Straight To The Point Tutorial

Most video tutorials will tell you what you should know before you become a Virtual Assistant – your skills and what not. But here’s the point – I HAD NO IDEA when I started. Nada! I did not even know what I don’t know! And most articles out there just confused me instead of helped me.

In this article, I want to help in a perspective where I have been before – CLUELESS!


I’ll be completely honest with you. You won’t know what you have to know unless you start now. AND NO – you don’t have to have experience or any training! Take this as your STEP ONE: Register or get verified in I am not in anyway affiliated or representing this website, but I’ve tried a lot of freelancing job sites and found that is more beginner friendly.


3 Tips To Get Clients On

How To Verify Your Profile

Set up your profile on your preferred freelancing platform and get your payment methods ready: PayPal, Payoneer, and bank accounts. Start laying your foundations NOW.


The most dreadful question – what skill can you offer? The real answer – I DON’T KNOW!!

When I first started I had no idea what kind of skill I can offer and what clients are looking for. This is because I had no grasp of what responsibilities VAs have. I honestly just discovered everything when I started looking for open positions.

What I did was go through each job post that was posted and scanned through each job description while asking myself if I can do those things. That’s how I learned what skills clients are looking for from VAs. That’s also how I realized that being a Filipino VA is so broad. There is no one size fits all job description, it all depends on what the client is looking for and whether you can fulfill those requirements as a VA.

So once I found the job description that I felt like I was comfortable doing, then I sent my application letter.


In all the job posts that I’ve applied for, I honestly did not submit even one curriculum vitae – it doesn’t matter! What I learned is that your social media is your resume. Some of my clients found me through YouTube and messaged me on Instagram. Your digital profile is very important! That’s something you should take note of.

Clients also most usually give trial tasks or conduct interviews before picking a candidate. Your credentials really does not matter, but your ability to communicate well is very important.



I sent a lot of applications letters with no response AT ALL for a few months before I actually learned the right format to make clients respond. When I got my laptop in January 2021, I actually started looking for online jobs immediately. I only got my first client in May 2021 – that’s four months of disappointment and trial and error on my part. I actually almost lost hope and thought that nobody liked me as a VA.

Today I am handling three clients who I am working for in a long term arrangement. I am also receiving messages and comments from my subscribers about how they are feeling the same. Believe me, the rejections should be redirections on how you can improve your strategies!

Believe me when I say that there are endless numbers of businesses needing VAs right now. As the pandemic advances and our digital age becomes much more digitized more than ever, more and more clients are turning up. You have a shot!

If you want to know how I write application letters on, read more here: 3 Tips To Get Clients On


I know a typical Filipino financial situation. Buying a laptop is expensive and way out of our budget! If you’re starting I don’t advise on buying a brand new computer out right. With all the steps I’ve mentioned above, you can do all these things on a borrowed computer. It’s better to start with zero than with a debt.

But if you’re willing to buy a computer and make arrangements to get one, then I can say that it is a good investment. It may take a while for you to get familiar with this industry, but once you get your first client, it’s only up from there!

And yes! I am saying that having a computer is vital. That is the heart of our work so you really must have one, even if it’s just borrowed. If you want to know what to get between a laptop or a desktop – I highly recommend a laptop. The very nature of being a freelancer VA is the versatility of the job. With my laptop, I don’t have to miss vacations, trips, or events just to work because I can bring my work with me anywhere!!

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