Hi, I’m Victoria Nelle, owner, and creator of Serendipity – The Blog. I started writing blogs for fun since 2017 and led me the way to being an online freelancer in January 2021. I have never looked backed since and love my career now as a Virtual Assistant and a Content Creator, on top of being a stay-at-home mom.

With my years of experience with different clients in different fields, I use my website and social media channels to help others learn how to start their own online career.

Are you having a hard time navigating the online WFH space? I’m happy to help!

  • Do you have questions about how you can start your Virtual Assistant career?
  • Are you a business owner having a hard time transitioning into working with Virtual Assistants?

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Executive Virtual Assistant

$8 per Hour

I will help in managing your routine back-office work, appointments, administrative tasks, file organization, data entry and research tasks, and your personal errands. I can be your trusted EXECUTIVE, PERSONAL, AND VIRTUAL ASSISTANT all-in-one.

Basic Administrative Skills

  • Email Management
    • Filter emails and managing spam, answer customer service emails, send email reminders and newsletters.

  • Appointment Management
    • Set appointments and manage calendar, make meeting arrangements, send reminders and follow-ups for important meetings and events.

  • Data Entry
    • Data entry in Word, Google Docs or CRM system, create spreadsheets, PowerPoints and PDFs, create and update reports.

  • Transcription Services
    • Transcribe meeting notes, transcription of video and audio files, preparation of minutes of the meeting.

  • Research Tasks
    • Competitor research, product research, lead generation, and database building.

  • Personal Errands
    • Send greeting cards and eCards, make travel arrangements, make online purchases.

Advanced VA Skills

  • Content Writing
    • Write blog posts, listicles, and tutorial posts for your website. You can check my blog posts for my writing samples.

  • Social Media Management
    • Schedule Social Media Content using a Scheduler, Create and update Social Media Accounts, Groups, and Events, manage inbox, moderate comments and reviews.
    • Design Social Media Content and Video Thumbnails using tools like Canva, Social Media Engagement (Liking, following, commenting)

  • Graphic Design
    • Design brand assets (logos, business cards, letterheads), for print (brochures, posters), for web (banners, ads, blog images), for social media (social media posts, animated GIFs, sound bites), for YouTube (thumbnails, end screens), and more using Canva.

  • Basic WordPress Site Optimization
    • Google Analytics set up, Google Search Console set up, SSL set up, website comments moderation, meta data description set up.

Why Choose Me?

Client – Oriented

My number one priority is customer satisfaction. I make sure that I always take into consideration how I can accommodate my client’s needs, wants, and specifications.

Passionate Worker

I work not only to earn a living but to make an impact on the business objectives and goals of my clients. I love working and seeing good results.

Highly Teachable

I may not have the working knowledge of all the platforms online right now but I am resourceful and tech-savvy. I can easily learn and educate myself in learning new things to be able to serve my clients better.

Client Feedback

If you want to work with me, send me an email by clicking the button above so we can schedule a discovery call and see if we are a good fit.