Affordable Tagaytay Trip Tips

Affordable Tagaytay Trip Tips

Last June 30, 2019, my family and I went on a three-day family vacation in TAGAYTAY! Since we were traveling with the whole gang, we had to keep our expenses at the minimum to stay on budget. We went on this trip with my nine-month old little sister which is also her first time traveling in long distance. Let me narrate how we got this trip become affordable for us!

First, accommodation. We did not stay in a hotel. Hotels in Tagaytay usually charge premium rates and for a family of six, that could cost us a fortune. Instead, what we did is book a condominium unit that suits our budget through the app, AirBnB. We got a room in the city center, almost just a walking distance in all of Tagaytay’s tourist spots.

Second, food. We planned early on that since we were staying in a condominium unit with a kitchen, that we were going to cooks some of our meals inside rather than always eat out. So we got our groceries from a nearby grocery establishment and cooked some meals at the condo to save some bucks.

Third, attractions. Tagaytay offers a lot of attractions like amusement parks and other adventures in Taal Lake. At that time, we had an infant and I was currently pregnant so we opted out of this extreme or highly physical activities that are consequently more  costly than going to parks and sightseeing. So our trip mainly focused on going around and appreciating the views.

Watch my vlog below for our actual trip:

Tagaytay is really an exciting place to go to when you need to relax and unwind. The view from the mountains is just astounding! My family and I would definitely go back some other time in Tagaytay again.


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