Comprehensive Civil Wedding Expense List + Actual Breakdown

Comprehensive Civil Wedding Expense List + Actual Breakdown

Our civil wedding took place on July 25, 2019 and we were solemnized by an RTC Judge in his chamber or court . We had a really short guest list, no reception program, no giveaways, no invitations, or hair and makeup artists. In addition, we didn’t have our own entourage, but we were totally okay with that. Thankfully, our wedding expenses did not turn out to be as much as a typical wedding today. But surely, we did enjoy ourselves and we had fun!


You can watch our wedding film here:


Here’s a breakdown of our expenses:


  • Food ( Php 550 / pax )
              40 pax – Php 22,000.00
              Lechon Baka – Php 20,000.00
              Corkage Fee of Lechon Baka – Php 4,000.00
              Beer ( 70 / bottle ) x 96 – Php 6,720.00
  • Marriage License – Php 1,108.00
              Application Fee – Php 350.00
              PMC Fee / Donation – Php 100.00
              License Fee – Php 165.00
              Requirements(CENOMAR, CEDULA, etc.) – Php 493.00
  • Flowers & Table Arrangement – Php 6,000.00
  • Hotel Accomodation ( 2 nights ) – Php 11, 776.00
  • Photo & Video Coverage – Php 12,000.00
  • Wedding Ceremony Needs – Php 26,260.00
              Bride’s Gown – Php 5,000.00
              Groom’s Attire – Php 3,500.00
              Wedding Rings – Php 14, 760.00
  • Court Solemnization Fee – Php 300.00
GRAND TOTAL : PHP 110,164.00



Our wedding outfits were bought in the mall, and we only bought clothes. Also, our shoes and accessories were our old belongings. In addition to this, wedding cake was also sponsored by one of our family members. If you can get more stuff sponsored by your friends and family, that would be a big saving!

Finally, this breakdown contains a rough estimate of our actual expenses. Not included are our additional expenses on  extra pax, extra restaurant meals during our stay, and other service – related fees. We also had expenses on our gender reveal items, but I did not include it here.

Questions? Leave them down below and I’ll be happy to answer! Thank you for reading!

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