Freelancing 101: How To Start Freelancing

Freelancing 101: How To Start Freelancing

Freelancing is currently on the rise as more people are forced to look for work at home jobs because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. And I only got to say one thing: Freelancing is amazing! It is very vast with unlimited earning potential and  so many different positions and skills to offer. If I had only known it earlier, I would’ve been a millionaire by now – teehee! Kidding aside, freelancing really can replace your day job.

It may seem intimidating on how to start, at first. And the requirements that you need to secure may feel overwhelming. But I am here to guide you through it all. Here are the five things you need before starting your freelancing journey.

1. English Proficiency

Freelancing may sound like a lucrative career to jump on in, but just like any other niche, it’s not for everyone. It may sound basic, but the most important in the list is English Proficiency. In freelancing, clients are usually from foreign countries and we need to be able to communicate well with them. Communication is where we express our own needs and problems, as well as negotiate with our clients. Even with non-voice jobs or typing jobs, English proficiency is required to produce grammatically correct documents. 

2. Desktop or Laptop Computer

In freelancing, multi-tasking is key. It will be hard to multitask if you only have a  mobile phone. Although there are freelancing jobs that can be performed through mobile devices, they are not very common. If you really want to earn a substantial amount of income, invest in a computer. Seasoned freelancers earn six digits monthly by accommodating multiple clients at once. In order to do that, you have to work efficiently and quickly. You can’t accomplish that by merely using a cellphone.

Typically, most freelancing require the following minimum requirements for a computer:

Getting a good computer is a good investment! I got my own laptop which is the HP 15S-EQ1117AU Rose Gold at Php 35,000.00. I was able to get a job after three months. After two weeks of working, I already got back my investment. 

3. PayPal or Payoneer account

Since you want to start freelancing, you have to think about the payout options. The worldwide accepted payment option would be PayPal or Payoneer so it is a must that you have to have an account on both of them. 
With regards to this, you can only start using PayPal or Payoneer if you register your local Philippines bank account on them. So you got to have that in order to activate your account and also withdraw your earnings in Philippine Peso.

Register a PayPal Account here.

Register a Payoneer Account here.

4. Skill to Offer

Freelancing is actually a business where you market your skills to clients who need that skill in their business. There are a lot of skills to offer. Take a look at the examples below:

Your have to choose a skill that you are good at. If you don’t have a skill to offer, there are many ways to acquire one. For example, you can be an SEO Specialist by attending this SEO Online Training Course for only Php 1000! And may I add that SEO Specialists can bank almost over Php 70,000 monthly?!

5. Create Your Portfolio

A freelancer’s portfolio is like a job seeker’s resume. Here, you will showcase the most notable projects that you have accomplished in line with the chosen skill you have. You can also put in here the certificates of the trainings you have undergone in connection with your skill. But most of the time, if you are a beginner, your portfolio may seem blank. Here are tips to get you started building your portfolio without any experience!

For Writers

If you are a writer, start your own blog! It is totally free to start your own blog here at Blogger or at WordPress. Your blog must showcase your writing skills, English proficiency, and creativity. You can write about anything and publish it. You can put that in your portfolio!

For Designers
Even if you are not currently designing for any client, create multiple designs and compile them in a document. Your output should be able to showcase your style and your creativity. It would also be fun to create a dedicated TikTok page for your creations in order to show the process on how you curate your work from start to finish. You can put that in your portfolio!

For Social Media Managers
To showcase your talent in content management and growing a social media page, create your own public page. It can be about anything you are interested about. Make it grow organically and put that in your portfolio. You can also undergo trainings that can prove that you have the capability to grow and manage a social media page. One of the most in demand skills right now is being an SEO Specialist because SEO is the KEY to successful internet-based content. You can take a training here at SEO Online Training Course for as low as Php 1000 in exchange for a certificate after completion. Trainings and certificates makes you more attractive to clients.

For Virtual Assistants
If you are a beginner and you want to be a Virtual Assistant, it may be hard to start at first. When you go to online freelancing websites such as, there are three things that usually happen: first, clients look for the experience; second, you are competing with seasoned Virtual Assistants; and third, the pay is too low. For this, I recommend applying to agencies that hire and train Virtual Assistants and provide them with clients. You can get experience and relevant training here and then you can decide to leave and find clients on your own when you feel more equipped to do so. Some of my recommended Virtual Assistant Agencies are: CyberbackerMagic, and Helpflow

Before you start freelancing, do not think about it as an easier way to make money. Just like any business or career, you need to do some things to make sure everything will work out. Sacrifices, investments, and adjustments must also be made. What makes it different is that with the amount of effort you give, you can get compensated more in contrast with regular 9 to 5 jobs. Make sure to secure all the requirements you need. If you already have the things as mentioned above, then you’re good to go! Good luck in your freelancing journey! 

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