Freelancing Work From Home Job – Making PowerPoint Presentations

Freelancing Work From Home Job – Making PowerPoint Presentations

Can you really make a living from merely making PowerPoint presentations for other people? The straight up answer is YES! You heard it right, you definitely can! In today’s blog I will share with you another freelancing job that requires zero experience and is very beginner-friendly. Without further fluff and bluff, here it is: is a website hiring freelancers to create beautiful PowerPoint presentations for clients who can’t do it themselves because of either lack of skill or lack of time.


If you work as a freelancer in, you can enjoy a flexible schedule. This means that you can log in and work anytime and any day that you want. All you have to comply with is their minimum work of 10 hours weekly. In addition to this, you must also submit projects before the deadline.

The pay rate here is $8 per hour but has the potential to increase up to $10 per hour if you attain Level 5! If you take it as a full time job, your earning potential can be as much as $1450 to $2000 monthly! That’s more than a regular office job’s pay here in the Philippines! Pretty attractive right?

But getting accepted is not as easy as you think.


The application process involves three important steps:

1. IQ Test

For the first part of the application process, you have to undergo an IQ test. During this test, you will have to answer 32 questions within five minutes. During my turn, I was only able to answer 11 questions. That is because some questions require computations.

After my five minutes was over, a message then popped up that the IQ test will not impact my application. It said that it was merely for overall assessment – or something like that. To tell you the truth, I am not stupid but the IQ test questions aren’t that easy.

In conclusion, there is no pass or fail in this portion of the application process. They merely want to get a grasp of your ability – maybe.

2. Review

The second and most important part is reviewing the platform’s guidelines. During this process, you will be walked through instructional videos of the do’s and don’ts, general guidelines, rules, and procedures to make the output uniform. DO NOT SKIP THIS PART. It’s very important to follow and study all the information provided here.

You will also be provided with two pdf files that summarizes everything in the videos. You can refer to these two files as you start to take you final test.

3. Final Test

The final test is where you are given an actual PowerPoint presentation to edit and make better. This is the actual work that you are going to do once you get accepted. It’s important to apply all the guidelines provided in step two in order to pass.

Furthermore, you are only given three hours to finish the test without interruptions or extensions. In my case, I wasn’t able to finish the test on time. I needed more time to familiarize myself with the functions and navigation. Three hours wasn’t just enough time.

Helpful Thoughts

Even if I failed the test, it doesn’t mean that you should! This experience is an opportunity for others since I already had the heads up on the application process.

Lucky you, I kept with me the test slides that need to be edited and submitted. Of course, I can willingly share them with you completely free! Here are my guidelines:

Finish application steps one and two

Before you download the resources, make sure to go through step one, the IQ test; and step two; the review. Make sure that you have understood the guidelines provided by the platform. This would only be the only help I can offer: give you more chance to finish the final test. I would not like to spoon-feed all the information on how to pass or reformat the test itself – please do not contact me regarding that.

Download the test slides

After going through steps one and two, do not go through step three yet. The folder consists of five slides. The first four slides are the test slides and the fifth one is the client’s guidelines.

Slide one requires brushing up. Slide two requires visual enhancement. Slide three requires icon changing. Slide four requires alignment. You have to take note that all these four must be compiled within one PowerPoint file upon submission. Only continue to step three once you have completed the test slides offline.

Some Pointers:

  • The slide from the client’s guide has a custom size – you have to figure it out.
  • Before anything else, you have to create grid lines for the slide frame first – this took half the time of my three hour test to figure out.
  • If your PowerPoint doesn’t have the fonts required – download it! I had to go through this too.

Final Words

This is as much help as I can extend to all of you right now. I hope that with this blog post, more people can be able to have the chance to pass the test and finally start freelancing. Before I forget, the platform has a strict rating system when you get in. So, always give it your best and always stick to the guidelines. Good luck!


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