How To Verify Your Profile

How To Verify Your Profile is one of the top online freelancing platforms in the Philippines today. Personally, I have registered and used a bunch of freelancing platforms, but OLJ is the best one for me. I am currently working with three clients and two of them I’ve met in OLJ. Here are some of the reasons why OLJ is my most preferred freelancing platform:

  • Free To Register – You don’t have to pay any fee just to see the job posts or use the features in the platform
  • 10 Permitted Applications per day – Although there is a limit to job applications you can send, I’ve never tried reaching the limit. When you go through each posts thorughly and make sure that it aligns with your ideal job, then sending 10 applications per day is more than enough, otherwise I think only copy pasters and non – readers reach the max limit.
  • No platform commissions from your salary – When you invoice your clients through the platform, you will be able to get your whole salary.

Why Verify Your Profile?

Verifying your profile on OLJ is very important. The verification process involves the submission of multiple documents that proves your identity. For each document submitted, there is a corresponding ID Proof Points that will appear next to your picture. Here’s what it looks like on mine:

This is a safeguard againts fraudsters and scammers who claim to be someone who they are not. This is important to employers because it builds credibility right at the bat. It also saves them from going through the identity check themselves.

In addition to credibility, your ID Proof is your ticket to actaully apply to jobs! For each job post, an employer sets a specific ID Proof score requirement to filter out eligible applicants. If you click on a job post, the ID Proof requirement may look like this:

On this example, the required ID Proof to be able to apply for that specific job post is 50. If your profile has less than 50 ID proof points, then you can’t apply. Therefore, the higher your ID Proof points are, the more job posts you can apply to.

How To Verify Your Profile

I know you may be in a rush or very excited to start applying for jobs but verifying an OLJ profile should not be skipped nor be done half-heartedly or lazily. I recommend taking your time in optimizing your profile, filling up all the needed information as well as listing out all your skills. Do not rush this step!

  1. Upload a profile picture – uploading a profile picture does not actually give you ID Proof points but it is a required step to make your profile operational. Make sure to choose a professional looking photo. Remember, this is what potential clients are going to see.
  2. Upload a government ID – This is the primary document that you need to submit. The acceptable government IDs are the following: (25 ID Proof Points)

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC
  • OWWA
  • Voter’s ID (Comelec)
  • Senior Citizen ID from LGU
  • 3. Add your address and proof of Address (30 ID Proof Points) – you will also have to add your address and provide a document that can prove that you really reside on that address. For this, you can submit a picture of a utility bill, an NBI clearance, or a Barangay Certification.

    4. Verify Mobile Phone (25 ID Proof Points) – in verifying you mobile phone, all you have to do is input your phone number, wait for the verification code and input that on your OLJ profile.

    5. Connect Facebook Account – connecting your facebook account also increases your ID Proof Points. Although I forgot how much points this contributes, it is also a vital and important step if you want to add more ID Proof Points.

    Final Thoughts

    The five methods enumerated above are exactly the things that allowed me to accumulate 99 ID Proof Points for my OLJ Profile. As far as my experience goes, it is very important to upload a a government ID first. I’ve helped fellow family members set up their accounts and observed that other documents and other verification methods won’t go through if you don’t undergo the ID verification first.

    I hope this article is helpful! Good luck in your freelancing career ~


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