I Am Dating in the Wrong Generation

I Am Dating in the Wrong Generation

I don’t think my soul ever belonged to wander in the middle of bodies so itching to break, hurt, burn, and bruise other people.

Everybody seemed to have been traumatized by past relationships and childhood experiences that being in an emotional limbo has become the new normal: boys getting away without the need to commit, with their secret wives and girlfriends, while girls treating men as a way out of their own miserable lives and ladders to their own selfish motives. You meet exactly the same kind of person in different bodies. 
Too Desperate?

First, I don’t understand why there is a need to wait for at least an hour before responding to a message.  So as not to look too interested or desperate for attention. Second, I don’t understand why dating had become such a game where the person who catches deeper feelings loses; and nobody seems to want to lose. Third, I don’t understand why you should hold back from showing your fullest capacity to love while trying to be loved back. Fourth, I don’t understand why you have to wait for a few more days before meeting up again, just so you don’t look too obsessed.

I guess that’s something I can never be able to comprehend cause I never played the game. My cards are always all out. And I guess that’s how you die, living, too.


The New Era?

Conversations are shallow. Sex is easy. Bad pasts are a big deal. Promises are unkept. Cheating is normal. The worst of all, settling down is hardly an option. Although when it happens, the wedding ceremony is too structured for social media. Obviously,  it is showing off while the marriage itself even when it is suffering from unresolved differences. Modern day families can hardly survive a decade. 

Those who have the best intentions, the most genuine feelings, the most loyal, the keepers and givers and nurturers and helpers, end up used, abused, manipulated, cheated, played with, lied to. This is the new era of dating. There are a lot of big and good hearts put on unsure hands too soon. And then the trauma starts over again.

When all you ever want is someone who will hold you the tightest when all things are falling apart, love you back exactly on the same frequency that you love, reciprocate your loyalty, respect, and affection, and commit to fight for you in his lifetime: this isn’t a good generation to search into.



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