[Life Update] Life with a Nine-month Old

[Life Update] Life with a Nine-month Old

It’s been nine months since I gave birth and boy did that fly by so fast. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I am now responsible for a tiny human for survival and that I am LITERALLY his world. My world, on the other hand, has turned upside dow. I feel like a completely different person! I can’t get out of the house, more so now with this friggin’ pandemic around. Talk about being a prisoner.

Being a mom is really hard. It takes my mind to other moms out there who has even two or more children to take care at the same time. It really is no joke. I only have one but I already feel spent at 9am in the morning. Here’s a video on how my little one is just filled with so much energy I can’t seem to cope up with:

As I was saying, being with a child is really tiring. Nonetheless, it is fulfilling. Yes, I do have some pity parties once in a while.  I wallow in bed alone while my husband spends a drinking spree late at night with his friends. Of course making me furious because of envy. I do miss my life before having a family – that carefree, happy-go-lucky life where you can sleep whenever you want and wake up anytime. As long as you do basic responsibilities like academic work, you’re good. Not to mention my old jeans that don’t fit me anymore.

Moms deserve respect more than anyone else in the world. That is something I learned when I became one myself. I hope everyone who is reading this takes the time to show their moms appreciation for the hard work they’ve given just for raising decent humans in this world. xx

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