People Who Gossip Suck

People Who Gossip Suck


Gos·sip ˈgä-səp noun : information about the behavior and personal lives of other people.
Gossiping has always been a practice ever since I became aware of the world. It’s well played in the show business industry where the media makes its living by broadcasting insignificant life events of famous people and celebrities. In the real world, however, where people are placed on same level grounds, gossiping has become a way to get one step ahead of other people.
Every human being has a private personal life which no one is entitled to barge in without proper permission. We all have been through embarrassing and shameful situations along with bad pasts that have been acknowledged and resolved. These aren’t really necessary to share and shouldn’t be shared. Unfortunately, the magical event of information leakage just happens: suddenly, everybody knows. Suddenly, everybody is talking about you.
The funny part is, the narration has become far from the truth of what really happened. All that’s left is a torn image, a shattered reputation, a deflated self- esteem and a few sleepless nights and tears. On the brighter side, you are left with friends who really cares about you. As well as a life lesson that no teacher or school can ever bring you to understand.
No matter how true or false the information that goes around through gossip, it is still a poison that demoralizes people’s spirits. It drives them into anxiety and depression which can never be fixed with money. It is a poison that pollutes the people behind it into thinking that they’re better. Surely, they’re only better at one thing: hiding their own garbage. Nobody will ever be better by putting others down.
Gossip is spread by people who understands the least and is accepted by people who matters the least. Throughout the years, it is serving the sole purpose of knowing the story without the intention to help, encourage or improve. It’s actually quite funny how people who know you the least have the most to say.
More than a cycle, it is a chain. And no, breaking the chain message wouldn’t leave you with seven years of bad luck. Instead, it will leave you with a lifetime of clear conscience and a big heart. 

Eleonor Roosevelt once said, “Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about events. Great minds talk about ideas.” 

Classify your mindset. You have the power to choose, the capability to change, and the strength to forgive. The next time a gossip goes around, ask yourself these questions:
  • “Is this information significant in my life?”
  • “What do I get from making more people know about this?”
  • “Will my parents pat my back and be proud of me if I participate?”
  • “How will it make me feel if I’m in the shoes of the person being talked about?” 

Healthy friendships and conversations doesn’t degrade other people. Remember, if they gossip about other people, they can certainly gossip about you. Make a stand by letting it stop on your ears and sealed on your lips. 


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