What’s New: Baguio City

What’s New: Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the classic tourist destinations of the Philippines. Why? With the country’s  seemingly all-year-round summer weather, what else is the best way to cool down than traveling to a cool city – and I mean that literally. Baguio is known for it’s cold climate, which is something me and my family loves to experience once in a while when we get full of  the hot and dry weather in La Union. But as a classic tourist spot, sometimes the attractions get repetitive. This blog is about re-introducing Baguio City in a fresh new perspective.

My vlog here, is about our recent travel to Baguio City with the goal of swaying away from the usual tourist routine and get a fresh look in the city:

Baguio City Vlog

With the rise of plant caring popularity amidst the pandemic, one of the best destinations to go looking for trending ornamental plants is also Baguio! and that’s exactly what I did. I visited The Baguio City Orchidarium and checked out plant prices. I also found a spot where cheaper priced plants are sold! You can watch it here:

Baguio Orchidarium Vlog

So this time around, we’re skipping SM Baguio! And yes, we’re also skipping Burnham Park! Let’s sway away from the typical go-to attractions of Baguio. The first thing that I would mention that’s new is Baguio’s Skyranch! Being from La union, amusement parks aren’t really accessible from where I’m from. Skyranch Baguio is a much more accessible attraction for us and it really does offer a different kind of fun in the city. Skyranch Baguio is open from 10am to 10pm with rides and carnival games, so make sure to visit them!

Another alternative for going full on tourist mode is going Ukay-Ukay Shopping! Baguio City is actually one of the best places to thrift shop as there are so much selection available! The pricing is also cheap so it really is affordable and budget-friendly. Watch my vlog here so you know where the best place is to go thrift shopping!

Ukay-Ukay Vlog in Baguio City

One of the place to go to is Camp John Hay. It is a usual picnic spot but if you explore inside, it offers so much more. It has a playground for kids, a butterfly garden, a zipline, a nature trek, and so much more activities in one place! I also enjoyed it here because it is not too crowded unlike in the city center. Make sure to check out my vlog here.

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